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4 Week Strategy for 3 Plus 3 Feeder.

The feeder is a 2x1, which means that

it only takes 2 to cycle.  You can start

small and build.


Click on the feeder plan at the top of

the 3P3 site and read the details.


Check the spreadsheet on a regular basis,

to see all the activity, especially if you are



Here’s the deal.  Strategy is further below:


1.  Join 3 Plus 3 if you are not a member.


You will be joining under a coop member.


Send me the following:


A.  Sponsors username. Check stats.


B.  Your 3P3 username.


2.  If you are a member and have not

received a pif into the feeder, just follow

A and B, above.


3.  If you have received a pif into the feeder,

you will not get another one as I’m trying to

help as many as possible get started.


Everybody will go on a wait list until I have

the funds.


STP had a credit card option that made it

easy to pif people but it has been temporarily

removed as they are restructuring.  Not sure

when it will be added back.


Have used over $50. in bitcoin to pif people,

but now bitcoin account is too low, so I have

to wait for it to build back up.


4 Week Strategy for 3P3 Feeder and thoughts:


A.  Pick a day of the week to buy a feeder

position and buy a position once each week.


Cost:  $1.75.


If you don’t have funds, then you will have

to wait for me to pif you but if you are on

my wait list and you make a purchase, you

will still get your pif.


3P3 does not require recruiting as it is position

based.  Position purchases move the system.


B.  The more positions you own, the more you

will cycle and the more you will earn.


Lots of my downline members have multiple

positions, as do I.  This helps everybody.


If you have at least $2. in your account, buy

a position in the feeder.  Money not spent is

simply dead money and won’t help anybody.


C.  If you want to bypass the feeder and jump

right into the main matrix, the cost is $5.50.


This will allow you to jump over all those in

the feeder, waiting to cycle into the main matrix.


D.  If you want to up your game further and get

on the 3P3 Special Page, click on this link and

follow the simple instructions, to get your name

or picture on this page.


You will have to buy a position in one of the straight

line plans.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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