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420,000 ad credits for you.



Pro Ad Exchange Club has launched and all

Members can get Free Promo Codes for 1000

ad credits per month, for life, at PAEC.


If you decide to join any of other 13 sites in

the Elite Tigers Group, you can use the

same promo codes at those sites, as well.


Daily Promo Codes are good for 24 hours.


If you upgrade at PAEC, you can get more.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Pro Ad Exchange Club as a Free Member.


2.  Use the following promo codes to get started at PAEC:


A.  Welcome

B.  Elitetigers1


Receive 100,000 ad credits and 3 Solo Ads!


You can set up banner ads, text ads, etc.,

to get your message out.


Additional Christmas promo codes you can use

at some sites, to get even more advertising.


Here are the other 13 sites in the Elite Tigers

Group.  Join at your leisure and use the promo

codes at all of them, daily.


1.  Ad Board Elite.


2.  Ad Exchange Club.


3. Ad Exchange Elite.


4.  Ad Exchange Empire.


5.  Ad List Profits.


6.  Ad Traffic Site.


7.  Convert Ads Pro.


8.  Downline Elite.


9.  Downline Master.


10.  Epic Downline Builder.


11. Membership Traffic.


12.  Pro Traffic Site.


13.  VIP Traffic Exchange.


14. Ad System Pro.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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