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If you don't want to recruit.


MIC – Multiple Incomes Club.


If you are not going to recruit at MIC, buy positions.


There is really only one way any matrix

program can survive the long term, no

matter how well designed.


People have to join and buy positions.


It doesn’t matter if you recruit or not,

but if you join and sit, hoping someone

else will pif you in or if you just buy

one position and stop, don’t be surprised

if daily cycling slows dramatically and

eventually stops.


Matrix programs combined with a rev

share is rare.


Having a top admin to run it, as well

as answer support tickets and pay

timely is also rare.


MIC has it all.


Here is what I suggest:


1.  Join MIC or be a member.


2.  Click on Rev Share Plan at the top of the

page and read the details.  You don’t even

have to log in.


3. Become a pro member so you have access

to the spreadsheet.  This shows progress of

every person who has bought a rev share

as well as the daily dividend that each person



Transparency is there for all to see.  You will

know exactly how much was used to compute

the daily dividend and how much your new

balance is.


When you reach maturity, your earnings are

added to your account.


4.  As you need a minimum of $15. in earnings

for withdrawal, I would suggest that you buy

a 3 rev share pack for $9. instead of one rev

share for $3.


Your $9. will become $18. at maturity and you

can withdraw to your hearts content.


If you buy one rev pack for $3. and it matures

at $6., if that’s all you have in earnings you

will have to buy more positions and wait for

those to mature.  Time wasted.


However, if you recruit and get sponsor bonuses,

you may be able to reach $15. with just one $3.

rev share.


5. Whether you recruit or not (generous

sponsor bonuses), make a habit of buying at

least 3 rev shares per week or, at minimum,

buy 1 rev share per week.


This will keep the system moving and you will

eventually start earning more and more as

your positions mature.


6.  If you plan to buy one rev share and stop,

I suggest you forget this program as you will

be disappointed with your results at MIC.


Position purchases move the system for all.


7.  If you decide to become active, here are 3

more programs you should be in that combine

a matrix with rev sharing.  These are all part

of the MIC family.


A.  Refer 2 Friends.


B.  3 Plus 3.


C.  Fill Your Wallet.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight



P.S.  You can buy a rev share at MIC as a

Free member but you will not be able to see

the daily dividend nor your progress (this is

the exciting part, seeing your earnings grow),

because only pro members have access to

the spreadsheet, which contains all this



Go Pro so you can see the excitement build.



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