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Carls Team Gone Wild Contest.

Number registered for contest:  3

Need 20 for random drawing.  5 winners.


5 Cash Prizes will be awarded to random winners.


Ginger, admin and owner of TGW, had a top

referrers contest for when we reached 300



Another for 400 members, then 500 members,

and now on to 700 members, then 1000.


Contests are driving membership and cycling

is even faster.


If YOU are not a member of TGW, you need

to join asap, so you can enjoy this party.


To that end, I decided to create my own contest,

which DOES NOT require recruiting.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join TGW or be a member.


If you are joining for the first time, you

will be joining under a member in the rotator.


2.  Send me your login information.  Use 654321

for password, if you want, then change it when

you get upgraded.


YOU will get a Free upgrade with a feeder position

within 24 hours after joining.  Sometimes, within

1 hour.


Contest is open to ALL members of TGW, whether

free or upgraded:


A.  Contest will end when there are 20 contestants.


If we go over 20, another contest will start.


B.  There will be 5 random winners.  Your chances

of winning is 1 out of 4.


C.  Winners will be announced here, as well as how

many have entered the contest, to date.


D.  Each of the 5 winners will get $2.00 transferred

into their TGW account.  This is enough to buy a

feeder position, if you want.


E.  You must join Trend Trax Pro or be a member.


You must surf 100 pages – takes about 15 min.


F.  Send me the following:


1.  Team Gone Wild login information if you are

joining for the first time.


2.  TGW referral link, so I can assign a contest

number to your username, for transferring winnings

to your TGW account.


3.  Trend Trax Pro referral link – to prove you are a

member of TTP.


You can upgrade at TTP if you want to, to get more

ad credits when you surf.


4. Number of pages surfed.  100 pages minimum.


5.  Once all information is gathered, you will be

assigned a number.


Contest will end when 20 numbers have been

assigned.  Winnings will be transferred to those

5 who won, in a random drawing and announced

on this website.


If we go over 20 members, another contest will start.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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