Sokule - A fantastic way to gain downline members at 3 Plus 3.

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A fantastic way to gain downline members at 3 Plus 3.


A lot of people are frustrated that, despite

their best promotional efforts, they can’t get

any referrals.


Welcome to the 3 Plus 3 Global pif pool.


The Global pif pool is now open.


Sign up to 3 Plus 3 or be a member.


1.  Make sure you are upgraded because

free members cannot purchase from the Gpp.


Purchase a $1.25 position in Round 1. This

will upgrade you.


2.  Click on the Global pif pool link, to see if 

there are members listed.


3.  Select a member and pif them. They will be

placed under you.


When they cycle round 1, you will get $1.50

as a sponsor bonus, so you snap up some moolah.


If you have deposited funds, you can pif them

from your balance as placement is almost instant.


The other payment methods are stripe, where you

can use a bankcard or bitcoin.


4.  Let’s look at a couple of numbers, if you can

get 10 referrals under you:


A.  When they all cycle Round 1, you make $15.00.


B.  When they all cycle Round 2, you make $30.00.


C.  When they all cycle Round 3, you make $900.00.


D.  When they all cycle Round 4, you make $1800.00.


Not bad for an initial outlay of $12.50 for 10 members.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight






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