Sokule - Double Bonus: Pif Window is open at Extra Downlines.

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Double Bonus: Pif Window is open at Extra Downlines.


It’s been quite a while since I last

promoted a pif window for any program.


Reason:  I usually got swamped.


Probably get swamped again.


1.  Register at Extra Downlines.


You will be registering under a member in

my Extra Downlines Rotator.


2. Send me the following information:


A.  Your login information.




Password – use 123456 for pw.  Change

it after you get upgraded.


Sponsor’s name at the top of registration

page, if you remember.


3.  Bonus Number 1:


You will be upgraded to pro, with a pif.


4.  Bonus Number 2:


Your Extra Downlines referral link will be  

added to my rotator.


Once you are a member of Extra Downlines,

click on the Downline Builder section and put

your ids in all the fields where you are a



Register at any of the other programs that

interest you.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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