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Feeder Purchase Contest Update.


Because these contests focus on purchases rather

than recruiting new members, there is a frenzy

to get to the top, causing massive cycling and

benefiting everybody.


Brilliant.  Not sure why nobody has thought of

this before.


Team Gone Wild just increased cash outs at the

feeder level.


Join Team Gone Wild or be a member.


If a new member, you will get a pif into the

feeder matrix.


Check matrix map on site, for all matrix details.


Here is the link to all TGW contests, current

and previous, so you can check out the cash

and prizes you can win.


Feeder contest link – this is causing a cycling frenzy.


The numbers you see on the TGW feeder contest

are positions purchased, NOT referrals.  You can

make a serious income at TGW without recruiting

a single person.


Fill Your Wallet has just added a second contest.


Join Fill Your Wallet or be a member.


If a new member, you will get a pif into the

$2.00 3x1 feeder matrix.


Click on Feeder Purchase Contest link to get

all the details.  If you click on the spreadsheet

in the members area, click on the feeder purchase

contest link to see all the cash outs and prizes.


There is a second purchase contest, called

the Xmas Cheer Plan.  The link will be live

at 6 pm EST, 11/24.


Watch the Cute Dog Waits for Santa Video.


Click on Xmas Cheer tab to see who is in

the contest.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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