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Rewards Window is open at MIC.


MIC – Multiple Incomes Club.


I do lot of pifs.  Some are content to take the

pif and sit, while others actually buy additional

positions, which helps everybody, even those

who sit.


I’m going to start rewarding the ones who

purchase positions and stop giving pifs to

those who sit.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join MIC or be a member.


Send me your MIC username.  I don’t need

sponsors username.


This is open to ALL members of MIC, whether

you are in my downline or not.


2.  You must be an upgraded member at MIC.


Cost is $7. one time.  $2. goes into the rev

share spreadsheet plan.


As a Pro member, you will be able to see the

spreadsheet with all rev share details. 


How much was today’s dividend and how much

are your total earnings, to date.


When your position matures at $6.00, probably

in 40 days or less, the funds will be added to

your account.


3.  Here is where the reward part starts.


A.  This starts with Day 9 on the spreadsheet.


B.  Minimum withdrawal is $15. so even if

you have $6. in your unpaid balance, you

cannot withdraw those funds nor can you

use them to buy additional positions.


C.  You can let the money sit and do nothing

or you can buy enough positions to eventually

get to $18. in your earnings balance.


D.  The reward is going to those who have a

3 pack active from Day 9 going forward.


Your username will be on the spreadsheet.


You will be added to my wait list for a $3.

MIC rev share when funds are available.


Only 1 pif per person.  If you have received

pifs in the past, this is a new chapter and you

can get another one.


I check the spreadsheet list throughout the

day but admins are in Australia so the

updates will probably be added sometime

between 6 pm EST – 6 AM EST.


E.  No more MIC pifs for free members who

decide to sit and benefit from the efforts of

everyone else.


If you are struggling and need a strategy.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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