Sokule - Multiple Incomes Club Coop is open.

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Multiple Incomes Club Coop is open.

Get your MIC link promoted for a year.


MIC is a rev share where $3.00 matures

at $6.00.


It is open to all Pro members of MIC but

here are the rules to get your picture

on this special page.


1.  Join MIC or be member.


You can click on any picture you want

and that person will be your sponsor.




You can click on the MIC banner and

get a random sponsor from the Coop.


2.  You must be a Pro member.


3.  Your MIC username must be added

to the spreadsheet anytime after August



4.  Fill out the simple form and follow

the instructions.  If you don't have a link

to your picture, just put your full name

in the box.  


5.  When admin tells me that you:


A.  Are a Pro member of MIC.


B.  Have your MIC username on the spreadsheet.


I will add your MIC referral link to my Coop

when I receive it from Catherine O.


This page will be promoted for at least

one year on lots of sites.


If you want to promote the team link,

use this one.  Tell people to join under 



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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