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You are going to want this.



Team Gone Wild has introduced a new matrix

that will help you get into a high-end matrix



The new matrix is called Snake Eyes.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join TGW or be a member.


If you are joining TGW from the above link,

send me your login information.  Use

654321 for password.  Change it once you

get upgraded.


You will be pif’d for a $5. Snake Eyes position.


2.  If you are already a member of TGW and

in my downline (I am your sponsor – check stats),

send me your login information.


$5. will be transferred into your TGW account

and a Snake Eyes position will be purchased.


3.  If you are a member of TGW and not in

my downline, I will buy you a feeder position,

not a Snake Eyes position.


Send me your login information.  I don’t keep it.


You can check the matrix map for details on

the Snake Eye matrix.


Get a pif into Crypto Pros.

A $2.00 position has potential earning power.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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