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Strategy for Team Gone Wild Feeder.


Cycling is happening sooo fast at the TGW

feeder level that if you do not have at least

one position, you are missing out.


Please be sure to read what happens when

the light bulb went on for me, at the end.


Join Team Gone Wild if not a member.


You will be joining under a Coop member.


Send me the following information:


1.  Your login information (username

and password).  You can use 654321

for pw, if you want, then change it

after you get upgraded.


2. If your sponsor doesn’t upgrade

you within 24 hours, I will upgrade

you and be in touch with your sponsor.


If you have at least $1.90 in your earnings, buy another

position.  However, multiple positions are a goal to

shoot for.


A light bulb went off when I realized this.


I took another look at what you get when

you cycle Short and Sweet 4:


1 Re-entry back into S&S 1, to repeat again and again


1 position in Helping Hands


1 position in Heatwave


1 position in Teamgonewild


Cash out of $15.


Referral bonus $0.10


The only thing missing is having a position in

High Rollers but you can get that later.


All of this starts with having a position in the

feeder, which costs $1.90.


This is the best deal in town, BY FAR.  It’s

a wonder that people aren’t pulling out all

the stops to get feeder positions.


Once you get thru S&S 4, you are on your

way.  You will wish you had bought more

positions in the feeder.


I bought 10 positions in the feeder and now

try to buy 1 new feeder position daily.


If you want to jump over all those in the feeder,

buy a position in Short and Sweet 1.  Cost:  $6.00.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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