43 times my dough back in 8 days-That is one heck of an ROI
43 times my dough back in 8 days-That is one heck of an ROI


As most of you know I do not recommend outside sites
to you unless I really really like them and unless I
have tested them for you.

I picked up 1302.00 on a 30.00 inv-estment.
That is 43.4 times my dough returned.
That happened is just 8 days

That is one heck of an ROI

But there is a lot more to this site then
just a darn good return on investment.

I been testing this for you for the past 30 days
and I like what I see.

Here are the results of my tests.

I get 100 leads per day put into my account.
That means I get 3000 new leads every month.

I can mail these leads daily.
Even Nicer!

In Month 2 I will have 6000 leads
Month 3 9000 and so on

By the end of the year I will have
a list of 36,000 leads. Holy Cow!
I am picking them up for a song.

The average open rate is 14.67 percent
That is really high for leads.
I mean really really high.

The cost 30.00 per month.

This is ridiculously low.
You cannot argue with that.

And here's the kicker-
You can make your money back here in a heartbeat.

In less then 8 days I took in $1302.00 enough to
cover the cost of my leads for the next 3 years
or simply request a payout and pocket the dough.

I got back my investment 43.4 times over.
That's the kind of ROI I like to see.

You get paid 5 levels deep

Level 1: $5/month
Level 2: $4/month
Level 3: $3/month
Level 4: $2/month
Level 5: $1/month

So all you need to do is make the 1 sale
and earn from it forever.

Don't stop there.
It gets better.

For those of you who are good recruiters-
Make 5 sales in any one week and...

You get a 100 bonus.

That's 100 plus the regular commissions.


Bottom line.

You get 3000 leads per month for a song
You can mail them daily.
The mailer is really nifty with lots of bells and whistles
You will see what I mean when you get in there.

By the end of the year you will have 36,000 leads.

The open rate of over 14% for leads is really high

The commissions are great if you want to promote

Or just use the site to promote your own sites.

Get the 3000 leads per month
Use the mailer daily
Get Sign Ups
Make Sales.

I would not sit on my hands on this one
They cannot keep this price where it is forever.

I don't usually recommend outside sites that
we have not developed but this one I like.

I think you will too.


go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: No Nonsense site-The money is in the bank

Will you get paid if you promote?

The answer is definitely Yes.

I have 2 checks for the full amount already
deposited into my bank account.

Not only does this site deliver the leads
but they deliver the money upon request.

I like to test that for you too and the
check is not in the mail, it is in the bank.

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