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Programs where you can build your Tron Reserves.


With Tron becoming more and more

popular, one of these days it may

rival Bitcoin and become the crypto

currency of choice.


Before listing the programs, here are

a few links you may want to bookmark:


Atomic Wallet to hold tron if you need one.

Current value of Trx


Conversion table of Trx/US$


Purchasing trx using credit card


Now for the fun part.


Automatic Tron Profits – pure passive income.


Instant Tron Profits – unlimited payments for life.


Tron Banners

Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Payments.


Trx Millions. Pif Available.


Get a matrix position at no charge at Trx Adline.


The first 10,000 members will get a matrix

position at no charge.


Register and verify email.


Pif Window is open at Tron Multiply.


Tron Pays is passive income.  Pif Window is open.


Earn and learn with Bitcoin rush pro.


Tron 2 x 1.


Super simple and all automated.


Cycle thru the 16 levels.


Only takes 2 people to cycle each level,

then you move to the next level.


Ads Earn Tron


Another addition to the Ads Earn System.


Receive a pif into the team builder funnel.


The updated Crypto Pros is open for business.


If you liked Automatic Tron Profits, you will

love Crypto Pros.


It has the same purely passive revenue setup,

with 10 levels to generate revenue from.


Introduction to Rapid Crypto.


Worth it to get in.


Trx Waves has a fast cycler.


Infinity Waves series at Trx Waves is a game changer.


1.  Ten levels that cycle fast because it is

a straight line.  Automatic re-entries.


2.  Get placed in the very next position.


The next 2 people pay you and you get

a re-entry in back of the last person that

joined that matrix level.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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