Sokule - Easy Crypto special is a potential gold mine. How you can benefit.

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Easy Crypto special is a potential gold mine. How you can benefit.


You will be piffed for a $5. position in

Easy Crypto.  Best deal in town.


Each $5. position generates a total 

revenue of $50.


As there are no links to register for Easy

Crypto, I have to know who to pif.


Here is the way I will get the info I need for

Easy Crypto pif:


1.  You must register at Hungry for Hits or

be a member.


Click on the fruit at the top of page to register.


You do not have to be in my HFH downline.


Send me your Hungry for Hits username

and your bitcoin address for payment when

you cycle.


If you are not a member of Hungry for Hits

and don't want to register, you can purchase

Easy Crypto positions on your own.


Bitcoin is hard to get.  Easy Crypto makes 

the process simple.


If you decide to purchase additional Easy

Crypto positions, read further.


A regular position costs $5.00.

You get a return of $50.


Taking advantage of the buy 2, get 1 free

special, costs $10.

You get a return of $150.


Purchase one or more positions using any

of several payment options.


New money only.


Bitcoin 1C4tzr5Qk55yvydEFaVXBXcYeUnzFdQ5G8



Cash Apps  $GingerHowells


Limited Paypal Send request to

Credit Card or Debit send request for invoice to


Send ginger your receipt of purchase to


Send the following with copy of receipt (send

hash id if sending bitcoin):


1. Username for spreadsheet.


2. Regular positions – how many ($5. each).


3. Special positions – how many ($10. each).


4. Bitcoin address for withdrawals.  If you want

withdrawals sent somewhere other than bitcoin,

indicate that.


Spreadsheet with details of positions purchased,

withdrawals sent and cycling.


Here are the details of cycling for the regular

positions and the special.


Easy Crypto

3 Levels


$5 to Join



Easy Crypto 1


$15 to Easy Crypto 2


Easy Crypto 2


$5 Withdraw

$20 to Easy Crypto 3

Admin Fee $5


Easy Crypto 3


$45 Withdraw

$5 Admin Fee


Easy Crypto Special.


Buy 2 Get 1 Free


Let me explain how good this will be.


When you buy 2 for $10, you’re getting 3



When you cycle, you get the following:


3 @ EC2 ($5. each) = $15. for you.


3 @ EC3 ($45. each) = $135. for you.


Each $10. purchase for special will 

return $150. for you.


WOW!  That is a great profit.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight







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