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Are you struggling? Let me help.


See what one of my downline members said,

at end of page.


This strategy centers around the

following programs:


1.  Multiple Incomes Club rev share.


2.  Refer 2 Friends restructured

Super Matrix Feeder rev share.


If you follow my strategy, you should

do well.


We will start with baby steps and build.


Join Multiple Incomes Club or be a member.


Here is the strategy, whether you buy

a position for yourself or get pif’d in.


MIC rev shares costs $3.00 and mature

at $6.00.


We will use an estimate of $0.15 per

daily dividend.  If daily dividend is higher

than $0.15, the maturity time will be shorter;

if lower, the maturity time will be longer.


Let’s begin building your business. 


1.  Buy one MIC rev share for $3.00.


If you are buying MIC rev shares for

yourself, just click on the Extra Rev

Share Spots link and follow the



You can use PayPal or Bitcoin.


Don’t forget to put your username

in the optional box so admin knows

who to give credit to.


Your MIC rec share will mature at $6.00

in 40 days or less (40 * $0.15 = $6.00).


2.  Buy a second $3. rev share.  Minimum

withdrawal is $15.


3.  When it reaches $6.00, buy a third $3.

rev share. 


You can buy 1 MIC rev share or 3 at a time.


4.  When earnings reaches $18.00,

withdraw all.


5.  If you are not upgraded, use $7.00

to upgrade to pro, so you can see the

spreadsheet with your daily progress.


Buy 3 more MIC rev shares.


This will leave you $2. if you upgrade

or $9.00 if you are already a pro member.


6.  Join Refer 2 Friends or be a member.


7.  If you have $9.00 left from above, add

$1.00 to it and buy one R2F Super Matrix

Feeder for $10.00 or just wait until you

have enough.


Otherwise, when your make another $18.00

from your 3 MIC rev share positions, buy

one R2F Super Matrix Feeder.


At this point, continue with the basic

strategy of buying 3 MIC rev share positions

and using the overage to either buy more

MIC rev share positions or buy another

R2F Super Matrix Feeder position.


There are all kinds of scenarios that you

can follow once you are generating enough

funds to buy into other matrices.


8.  After you own at least one R2F Super

Matrix Feeder position, you may want to



A.  One position in 3 Plus 3 rev share.


B.  One position in Fill Your Wallet rev share.


C.  One Thwapper rev share position in

Ad Exchange Elite.  Read details on site.


Just print this out and check off what you

have done, so you don’t get lost.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight



P.S.  What one of my members said.


Hi Carl.


It sets out very clearly what to do for those of us who aren't strategists ; )

I've joined MIC as pro and bought a $3 rev share position. Step 1.

You have PIF for me into R2F and I already bought into 3-plus-3.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this strategy leads.

Have been promoting, but not a great uptake as yet.

Anyway, thank you for the strategy.

Here's to Our Success.




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