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Welcome to the Trifecta. Where dreams come true.



Three programs that are my favorites,

for generating a serious income over time.


If you need a wallet to hold tron.

Pifs are available in all 3 programs, to help

you get started.


Read details of the comp plans when you

get a minute.  You will see how powerful

these programs are.


1.  Ltc Ads


Get 1 pif into La 1 and La 2, level 1.

Get a second pif into La 3, when

programmer completes it.  Simply

log in daily to generate revenue

from your share of the pool.


2.  Tron Dailies.


Something will be happening daily, to

keep members cycling.


3. Tron Pays has added a pay back lines feature.


Sponsors pay it forward for referrals.


Register at Tron Pays.


Get a pif into a pay back lines position.


Sponsors don’t get left behind, if they want to

participate on their own.


In the members area, click on the money back

lines tab.  They get the same benefits.


I purchased 10 positions in the money line.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight




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