Sokule - Tron Wallet Filler: Feeder and Contest, plus a strategy for earnings.

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Tron Wallet Filler: Feeder and Contest, plus a strategy for earnings.


Strategy to be a consistent earner, read further down.


Adding a feeder and contest is a game-changer.


1.  Feeder is company forced.


Click on Flow Feeder/Contest link.


Everybody in the feeder should eventually cycle into

a Flow 1 position, helping themselves and sponsors.


2.  Simple 3 x 1 matrix.


Every 3 purchases will cycle the next in line into a

Flow 1 position.


3.  Drill down feature, where sponsors can see the

downlines of their downline, will give sponsors an

incentive to help their downlines and their downlines

downlines get a feeder position.


Click on Matrix View link.


Members will be able to pif any free or pro member

with a feeder position or multiple feeder positions

as long as you know the username.


Click on Unique Pay it Forward link.


Register and get a flow feeder pif .


Send me the following information:


1.  Sponsors username – check stats.


2.  Your username.


A strategy I use to generate consistent revenue.


Tron Wallet Filler has unique features that

no other matrix has.


Makes for easy filling of matrix positions,

which leads to cycling.


Strategies if you are a member:


A.  Click on matrix view.


If you have at least 3 matrix positions filled

below you, from spillover, your efforts, etc.,

click on Unique Pay it Forward link

and pif 3 members from your matrix tree.


If you have more than 3, you should

eventually pif flow feeders for all.


B.  If you have none, purchase 3 flow

feeders for yourself.


C.  If you have 1 matrix position filled,

pif the 1 member and purchase 2 flow

feeders for yourself.


D.  If you have 2 matrix positions filled,

pif the 2 members and purchase 1 flow

feeder for yourself.


Why the number 3?


Feeder matrix is a 3 x 1.  Takes 3 purchases of

flow feeder to cycle next in line into Flow 1.


Once you or your members reach the top of

next in line, you will cycle flow feeder and

get a position into flow 1.


This can help fill your matrix, helping you to

get to level 3, which is the payline.


When you fill a position on the payline,

you get a member bonus.


When members in your matrix tree land on

the payline, you get a sponsor bonus.


They may not even be your direct referral.


I use this strategy every time I get 105 tron

in my account, to pif 3 members under downlines,

to help them cycle which, in turn, helps me cycle.


Matrix view lets you drill down to see what your

downlines have, so you know who to help.


This is a powerful feature that no other matrix has.


All flow feeder purchases are contest entries.


You can pif anybody, even strangers, as long

as you know the username.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight







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