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Bitcoin. Bitcoin. Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Rush Pro has a series of 12

short (2 min. – 5 min.) videos on



What is bitcoin.


How it works, etc.


Pretty good stuff for beginner and

expert alike.


You cannot get a bitcoin account at

your local bank nor can you purchase

bitcoin at your local bank, but you

can purchase bitcoin at a coinstar



Coinstar machines are usually located

in your nearby supermarket.


With the price of bitcoin jumping from

$10,000. in the summer of 2020, to over

$41,000. in early January 2021, bankers,

institutions and traders, are making a killing.


Far greater returns than any stock market.


You need to start learning about cryptocurrencies.


How to get some for yourself and how to earn

from the many sites that pay commissions in



First things first:


1.  Tron is my favorite cryptocurrency because

it is easy to use and the price is $0.03.  Fees,

in many cases, can be less than a penny.


Tron might hit $0.10 by 2022 but some experts

think it might go to $1.00.


You need to have Tron in your balances.


2.  If you don’t have a wallet to hold Tron,

here is one:  Atomic Wallet.


Link to guide on creating an Atomic Wallet.


3.  The videos on bitcoin are found

at Bitcoin Rush Pro.


Cost to upgrade at Bitcoin Rush Pro, so

you can see the videos is $7.  You can

use bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum or tron to

purchase a position.


4.  Two programs that you want to get

into, to earn Tron:


A.  Automatic Tron Profits – pure

passive income.  Just log in daily

to earn.


You will be piffed for a position in matrix 1.


B.  Tron Pays – company forced matrix.

Log in daily to earn.


You will be piffed for a position in the

$2.50 feeder matrix.


C.  If you want to see other programs

where you can earn Tron, go here.


Get started on building your cryptocurrency

future today.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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