Frequently Asked Questions

What is Why Not Join Me?

Why not join me is an interactive Attention Grabber that you can add to any website in order to create interest in your site and to encourage visitors to your site to take an action like sign up or buy or join your team or get excited about your site so they don't leave your website.

Can I Add a Why Not Join Me Attention Grabber to an Affiliate Site?

Yes you can add an Attention Grabber to any site at all. It can be a site you own, it can be an affiliate site, a blog or any site at all.

What Makes Why Not Join Me Unique

Why not join me is the only site we know of online that affiliate marketers who do not own their own websites can add a moving Attention Grabber to their site. Almost all other kinds of call to action designs are made solely for site owners an require coding. Not Why Not Join Me. We made it drop dead easy to use with no coding or any other fancy stuff which non tech people can't use.

Does Why Not Join Me require any technical skill to Use?

The answer is an big NO!. This Is just what makes WNJM so unique. All You do is pop in any url that you want to use, give it a title, hit save. That's it your are done. Your Attention Grabber will start to rotate on your site instantly

How Long Does it Take to Set Up an Attention Grabber on My Site?

It takes about 3 seconds. You choose the Attention Grabber that you want to use. You pop your url in. You give the it a title. You hit Save. That's It . You are Done. Anyone can do this. It does not require any technical skill or coding of any kind. Now anyone with any website can do what the professionals websites do online and they can do it in about 3 seconds.

How Many Attention Grabbers Can I choose From

There are dozens of Attention Grabbers that you can choose from and it depends on your membership level how may you can choose from.
Please look at the various membership levels offer here.

Can I Promote WNJM and Earn Commissions?

Yes you can promote the site and earn commissions up to 40% plus residual income.

Can I Join Free?

No. This is a paid membership site. We have many sites that you can join free but this is not one of them.

How Do I Know Which Attention Grabbers Go With My Membership Level

You can check out this link on the main sales page that shows each of the designs that any of the membership levels get.

What Membership Levels can Edit The Ad Copy On The Designs?

Business and Founders Can edit the ad copy on any of the designs that go with their membership level. Basic and Premium Members cannot edit the ad copy.

Does Why Not Join Me Have a Mailer?

Yes. Why Not join me has 2 mailers. One is a downline mailer where you can contact your downlines and the other is Grabber Mail which is a contact solo ad mailer that you can access in the members area of Why Not Join Me.

Is There A Charge for Grabber Mail?

You can join Free but to use the mailer you must upgrade to a pro or and expert account. You can read all about the mailer and join at

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